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  Jerrika Self, Former Career Coaching Client


 Lizzy Askins, Community Outreach Partner


  Ed Brown, Former HR Consulting Clients 

While a young black woman working in an

industry that lacked diversity amongst its leaders, Shante, with RHRH provided me with the knowledge/guidance of how to not only navigate through the industry; but how to succeed and achieve! Due to her commitment, and core values she aided me in becoming a fearless leader, who now sits at the table and does not shun away from obstacles nor “tone down” myself to make others around me comfortable.

Shante with RHRH was extremely helpful with assisting the young females with being open to expressing their feelings and emotions. She showed empathy to the various situations they discussed and gave positive solutions and interventions, to how to deal with issues in the future. It was awesome to work along side her. She was very professional and showed great leadership skills with her team members.

Over the past couple of years, Shante with RHRH has been instrumental in recruiting numerous models for me for various photo sessions. Her professionalism was outstanding.

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