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Meet your Career Coach & HR Consultant

Shante is a passionate and innovative professional.  She has obtained an A.S in Small Business Management, a B.S in Human Resources Management and a M.S in Human Resources. She has extensive Human Resources experience. She created Royal HR At Hand because she saw the gap between job seekers and employers. She wanted to establish a comprehensive plan that would connect both parties together to improve our communities and help promote employment. 

She has a strong desire for helping people. She established partnerships with community organizations to create various programs that carter to at-risk youth between the ages of 13-18. She is the president of the Girls Empowerment Group (GEG) an initiative that promotes high self-esteem, life skills, health and wellness and spiritual awareness for teen girls. She wants everyone that she encounters to grow personally and professionally.

Who Are We

We are a career development and HR consultant firm.  We specialize in career development which include but not limited to resume writing, interview preparation and career coaching for individuals. We also provide HR consultant/business development services such as recruiting, training and HR strategies.


We saw the gap between job seekers and employers, and we wanted to establish a comprehensive plan that would connect both parties. Many applicants are highly skilled but lack soft skills and career development. Thus, many companies small and large struggle with talent management. Some businesses lack a solid HR infrastructure and /or funds which make it difficult to recruit new talent and to retain employees. Royal HR at Hand, LLC provides tools and resources for both job seekers and businesses to create gainful connects and economic stability. 



Our mission is to help companies and individuals reach their optimum professional success through Career Development and HR strategies.


We strive for excellence by working diligently to satisfy the needs of our clients and business partners.



We value honoring our commitment to our clients by providing respect and integrity to the community in which we serve.

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